Data Processing & Management Services

We are the only company across India, handling a database of more than 20 Lakh subscribers
from a single client.

This gives us an upper edge over the others. Our Company has helped businesses in this capacity for more than 2 years and data entry services are just one of our many services we offer to businesses looking for data accuracy, quick turnaround time and affordability. Whether you are conducting market research, managing a large direct mail marketing program, or simply have boxes of paper documents you need to be converted into electronic format, our dedicated staff of professionals are prepared to get the job done!

When it comes to data entry services, some companies have adjusted to the growing demand and incorporated it into their business offerings. Our state-of-the-art data entry system was developed with efficiency and accuracy in mind. Our vast experience in this arena has provided us with the ability to quickly set up and produce jobs that requires sophisticated editing or formatting. We use proven, cost-effective methods and approaches that give consistent and accurate results in all types of data entry projects.

Data Processing Services include converting data into information and knowledge which is typically, an automated process. When the data is transformed into a computerized form it becomes usable data which can be informative and useful for the organizations. Data processing service include converting the raw data into useful information. It refers to conversion of one form of data into another, where the data can be converted into information or the information can be converted into data. The data processing usually converts the data in an electronic format and it is customized as per the clients’ requirements. Electronic Data Processing services include the automated process of transforming the commercial data or any other kind of data into an automated form.

At MS HRM & Data Management Solutions, we have got a professional, reliable and well trained staff, which is capable of handling large volumes of data. All our staff is thoroughly trained to work on deadlines and maintain accuracy levels at the same time. We execute Data Entry jobs of every description regardless of format, language or script. We even provide data entry services for Accounts Departments under the guidance of reputed chartered accountants.

We are currently working round the clock for many clients & carrying out their projects as quick as possible. We do take efforts to explain our clients with new techniques and technologies to improve the data management capabilities and open new empires for expansion and profitability. Our data entry operators can tackle any type of data entry projects however complex it may be, ensuring that the data entry quality and accuracy is of high standard. The data entered is validated by computer and double-checked manually. We undergo a job specific training to our employees before beginning of any new project, also constant training is provided to keep them updated regarding respective data entry projects. This ensures that they understand requirements of each project thoroughly.

Our Solutions to Data Processing & Management:

We achieve this with thorough planning, testing, staff training, technology, and quality assurance programs.

Good planning up front avoids poor quality at the end. Our Project Managers consult with each client to understand exactly how the data output will be used to improve your business. Then we work with you to develop project specifications, output formats, and project schedules.

The most important task is to determine exactly how you will use the output to achieve an organizational goal. This includes understanding your deadlines and project budget. We examine the source documents and determine the most effective method to extract the information. We suggest an output format (database, text file, new documents, etc.) and write clear data entry and project specifications and instructions for our staff.

Before we begin full production for any project, we perform tests to assure the final results are exactly what the customer wants. Testing usually uncovers any quality or production issues, and lets the customer see the actual output and how it can be used.

Computer software can help verify accurate data entry. We use field validation, table lookups, consistency formulas, and logic rules. Validation tables are used to assure that only acceptable data is entered. For example, one project required entering local districts in a county database. We set up a table with the acceptable district names. Data entry operators only needed to type the first few letters and the computer filled in the rest. The computer forced the correct spelling. This is a simple example. Others include checking zip code, city and state against the Postal Service database.

One proven tactic to guarantee accuracy is double keying the data. Two independent data operators type the same data. The computer compares the results and notifies the operator if the two resulting databases are different. An independent operator can then decide what the correct data is. If the source documents are illegible, we identify the problem and send the customer a list of documents they should look at to get the correct information.

We constantly provide training to new and long time employees to achieve high accuracy. For the most complex projects, our staff receives training to make decisions when entering data, such as identifying unique forms or searching a document to locate the correct information among possible fields or choices.

Quality means that the finished product meets your accuracy, format and deadline requirements. The data has to work in your system to give you useful information. We develop a quality assurance program for each project. The QA system includes procedures and schedules for data entry, validation checking, random quality checks, and output delivery.

  • We use the latest technologies to provide the best possible results to our clients.
  • Dedicated lease line connectivity for hi speed internet access.
  • Best possible FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software for easy download and upload of Data files.
  • Power supply back up (UPS/Generators).
  • Multiple servers with Windows Server (2000/2003) and also hi-spec backup servers.
  • Latest generation Intel workstations.
  • Implementation of all kinds of latest database software’s.
  • Well trained Quality Check Operators, High Speed Scanners & Printers.
  • Latest technology Routers & Firewalls for data security.

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