Background Check & Verification services

Our Company has helped businesses in this capacity for more than 2 years and Background Check & Verification services are just one of our many services we offer to businesses looking for accuracy, quick turnaround time and affordability. Our dedicated staff are prepared to get the job done!

What is Pre Employment Screening?

As the name suggests, it is the process of screening / verifying a person's background information prior to employing him in your organisation. It has become imperative to confirm and re confirm a persons’ background, his character and his proposed experience. Pre Employment Screening (verification) aids in eliminating such risks as work place violence, internal thefts etc. Hiring an undeserving candidate can unnecessarily increase your training and recruitment costs, harm your organizations’ harmony and put confidential information into jeopardy.

Failure to conduct a background check has multiple negative repercussions which can well be avoided through a well balanced pre employment screening program.


Organizations in India as well as those abroad can benefit tremendously from an employee screening program. Decreased turnover, reduced expenses and elimination of risks of theft and fraud are just some of the advantages. Being an employer, it is up to you to provide your employees a safe and secure working environment. Hence, it is your job to reject those people who might have a violent or criminal record.

At MS HRM & Data Management Solutions, we have got a professional, reliable and well trained staff, which is capable of handling the Background Verification process. All our staff is thoroughly trained to work on deadlines and maintain accuracy levels at the same time.

We are currently working round the clock for many clients & carrying out their projects as quick as possible. We do take efforts to explain our clients with new techniques and technologies to improve the Background Check & Verification capabilities and open new empires for expansion and profitability. Our Background Check & Verification executives can tackle any type of project however complex it may be, ensuring that the quality and accuracy is of high standard. We undergo a job specific training to our employees before beginning of any new project, also constant training is provided to keep them updated regarding respective Background Check & Verification projects. This ensures that they understand requirements of each project thoroughly.


Many organisations outsource the entire screening procedures to an agency that specializes in doing so. This helps them to –

  • Save time, energy and resources in learning the screening process and instead concentrate on running their own business, something that they do best.
  • Absorb the new candidate and grow with him. Since the specialists have already completed a thorough background check, there is nothing left to worry about.
  • Help the HR department to concentrate on their core competencies.
  • Furnish the reports put together by the screening team as a legal document at a later stage.

You are ensured complete compliance with global regulations, information security, confidentiality, and data protection laws

You get the perfect combination of global reach, local expertise, and an ‘always-on’ service in local languages.

Steps of Background Check & Verification

It starts when the candidate submits the duly filled Background Verification form along with the supporting documents to the concerned employer and they in turn share it with us. Based on the contractual litigation, we shall proceed for verification of any or all of the below mentioned background checks.

  • 1. Residence Check
  • 2. Academic Record Check
  • 3. Employment Check
  • 4. Reference Check
  • 5. Criminal Record Check
  • 6. Database Check
  • 7. Civil Litigation Check
  • 8. Identity Check
  • 9. Drug Test

Self declaration and LOA:

The background verification form also contains the self declaration, binding the candidate’s employment in the organization subject to clearance of all the checks positively.

The candidate signs the Letter of Authority (LOA) empowering the employer to carry all the relevant checks and in turn, we are given the form to carry out the verification process.

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